The Aussiespeed® Brand Of Street & Racing Products

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In the year 2000 a new brand of speed equipment was launched in South Australia. Some 20 years later the Aussiespeed® brand of street and racing products from its humble beginning is now sold to enthusiasts world wide.

The Aussiespeed® range of manifolds, rocker covers, air filters, tunnel rams, supercharger kits, mini bike engine dress up and a small range of water cooled marine manifolds is now at over 700 products.

The Aussiespeed® Performance Products range is now easily accessable to customers in the USA with a warehouse handling distribution in North America that was opened in mid 2019 based in Temecula California.

The USA market is a hard one to crack but persistence and perseverance paid off and there are a bunch of owners of not only Inline 6 cylinder Chevy 250 & 292 owners finding performance gains with the AS0044 single 4 barrel manifold the Aussiespeed range of Slant 6 Chrysler is the largest range of performance parts offered by any manufacturer in the world.