Supercharger Kits by Aussiespeed®

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As with most things sold under the Aussiespeed® brand, selecting the right components and materials to give customers the best results is a big part of it. 

Aussiespeed® Supercharger kits and super charger components gives car enthusiasts opportunity to build their own kit with their own chosen supercharger or buy a ready to bolt on kit.

The Aussiespeed® supercharger kits use superchargers from other manufactures like The Blower Shop, Weiand, Eaton and converted diesel blowers to fit engines the big manufacturers don't wish to tool up for.

With happy customers with supercharged Chevy inline and slant 6 in the USA and a bunch of happy customers with Aussiepeed® supercharger kits fitted to engines in Australia, the range will continue to expand.

Early Falcon fitted with
250 Crossflow with parts
supplied by Aussiespeed®


All the way from the USA
this Slant 6 is street driven
and sees a bit of strip time as well


Slant 6 car from the USA
uses Aussiespeed®
AS0024 Long runner manifold.


Ford alloy head Crossflow
powered Turbo Falcon
made use of parts from the
Aussiespeed® For 6 cylinder range.

Valiant Charger with some
of the engine dress up from
the Aussiespeed® range.


An EH Holden in the USA is owned by a friend who now lives with his family in the USA. The engine including manifold, valve cover, side plates and oil cap are from the Aussiespeed® range.