Aussiespeed® - Supporting Other Australian Businesses

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When you buy a product from Aussiespeed® Performance Products you can rest assured that the same products are used on our own cars as well as the racers we sponsor and support. 

We are  Australian and try to use Australian businesses wherever we can. From raw materials, our stickers and work shop banners we sell and give away, the cardboard boxes we ship our products in to our customers are made here in Australia.

After a cyber attack, the decision was also made to bring our internet host back to an Australian company. While we work on horsepower combinations kits for engines with our Evil Stick Cam & Valve Train Components, Intake manifolds and tubular and cast iron exhaust headers who knows...cylinder heads designed and made by Aussiespeed® may soon be offered.

A Ford V8 Tunnel rammed Cleveland with Aussiespeed® polished valve covers, Chevy small block fitted up with Aussiespeed® valve covers and that big finned air cleaner and oil cap. Quad weber Ford V8 uses an Aussiespeed® manifold to mount the IDF Webers.


Customers Holden 202 fitted with a supercharger kit designed and manufactured by Aussiespeed®. The Weiand Supercharger is made in the USA.