Hemi Performance 6 Cylinder Chrysler Products

Aussiespeed Hemi 6 performance manifolds to suit Chrysler Centura, Charger, Pacers powered by 245 and 265 Valiant Hemi 6 cylinders.

dandy engines hemi 265 aussiespeed manifold

Hemi 6 engine build by Dandy Engines running Aussiespeed AS0265 inlet manifold with a Quick Fuel 450 Slayer.


Hot Hemi 6 with Aussiespeed 6 pack alloy rocker cover and 4 barrel manifold

aussiespeed rocker cover triple webers hemi 6 cylinder

aluminum 6 pack charger style Aussiespeed alloy rocker cover and DCOE Weber carburetors

Aussiespeed hemi manifold cain 4 barrel chrysler

The AS0265 and AS0298 4 barrel manifolds will fit Centura engine bays plus all other Hemi 6 powered Valiant engine bays.

power house engine Street Machine magazine Aussiespeed engine build

Engine build manifold shoot out by Street Machine Magazine at Power House Engines. Aussiespeed took the top 2 spots with AS0089 Hurricane E34 Style manifold and AS0265 mid runner manifold.

hemi 265 supercharged 6 cylinder Aussiespeed manifold

Hemi 265 fitted with an Aussiespeed AS0033 supercharger manifold and AS0269 adapter plate from 142 Weiand to 4/71 GM supercharger.

Aussiespeed manifold hemi 6 turbo charged engine 569 Horsepower

Aussiespeed AS0298 manifold was the choice with this turbo charged 245 Hemi, power out put on the dyno was 569 horse power. Not bad for an engine of 265 cubic inches that is over 2.3 horse power per cubic inch.

hemi 6 performance Aussiespeed turbo manifold

When it comes to tough 6 cylinder engines Brads 9.2 second Charger could be the fastest full bodied Hemi 6 in the world. The Charger has run a terminal top speed of 143 mph over the 1/4 mile. The Charger runs the same Aussiespeed inlet manifold AS0265, polished AS0008P alloy rocker cover and AS0010P alloy sideplate that you can purchase here from Chrome Bumper Speed Shop.