Holden Grey Motor Speed Equipment

When it comes to the early Holden, there was a time when it was out with the Grey motor and in with a Red motor.

In many states, a 149 from an EH Holden could have been fitted without any brake upgrades.

A floor shift was made by a company who produced the Impala brand of crunch box shifters and a few years later, the Speco side shifter was also available.

Front end swaps with early Holdens when it was out with the king pin front end and replaced with the later HR Holden ball joint front end and quite often another upgrade was to fit a disc brake front end. The earlier 1948 Holden or FX as it was also known and the FJ with their large centre hub and big wheels later model Hubs and rear diff housings were also swapped to allow the fitting of 13 inch wheels.

The grey motor Holden in the early days was fitted with dual outlet headers made by a few different manufacturers like Speco, Jack Myers, Kleinig, Lanspeed were the main cast iron header manufacturers. There were a few others who also produced their own cast iron manifolds. When it came to carby options the most popular were the twin 1 1/32 down draft Stromburgs and the list of inlet manufactures was endless.

With the 2x1 carburetor set ups topped off with a pair of chrome sports air filters, it was get a sports muffler or hot dog fitted then a set of tramp rods and you were king of the streets. With the grey motor having a resurgence, the Chrome Bumper Speed Shop offers a range of Grey Motor dress up gear made by Aussiespeed.


cast iron dual outlet Aussiespeed grey motor headers

Cast iron Australian made dual outlet exhaust headers are an alternative to tube extractors.

replacement exhaust flanges and exhaust manifold studs

Aussiespeed headers to suit 132.5 and 138 grey motors include steel flanges, Australian made steel studs and brass washers along with a pair of flange gaskets.

aussiespeed cast iron headers ceramic coated

Ceramic coated Aussiespeed grey motor headers. It is recommended that test fitting with the intake manifold before the exhaust headers are thermal coated.

aluminium sideplate holden grey motor

Holden Grey motor alloy side plate is something that has only ever been made by a few manufacturers. When you are trying to get a casting as apposed to a 1mm pressed steel engine plate it is a challenge. The casting is around 3 to 4mm and when you consider trying to get that extra material in position such as either side of the spark plug and still to be able to get a socket on there, it is a challenge. Also back in the day when Grey Motor cylinder heads and blocks were machined there were variations that made it even harder to get the alloy side plate to fit.

holden alloy sideplate 138 grey motor

Aussiespeed AS0101P polished outer edge and fins once thoroughly cleaned can have the non raised section of the casting painted to match the color of your Holden Grey motor.

holden grey motor finned aluminuim side cover

Alloy side plate with a satin textured black powder coated finish with natural aluminum high lite fins. When fitting an alloy sideplate if the cylinder head or engine block have been machined the side cover bolt holes may need to be slotted. With the alloy side plate with its 4mm wall thickness replacing a pressed tin casting with a 1mm thickness some careful checking and slight modifications may be needed when fitting.

 powder coated aussiespeed rocker cover grey motor

Holden grey motor alloy rocker covers are still manufactured by Aussiespeed. Pictured is the 3 fin version that accepts the standard push and turn oil filler cap.

alloy rocker cover early holden

Aussiespeed 5 fin version alloy rocker cover for Holden grey motors. Both 3 and 5 fin alloy rocker covers are available in blasted, polished and black finish.

When replacing the pressed tin rocker cover on your Holden grey motor with an alloy rocker cover the standard length studs may need to be replaced with longer studs or you could fit the cast brass chrome plated Aussiespeed H bolts. These have a shank on the bottom that is threaded 5/16 UNF that is 18mm long that extends through the alloy rocker cover to fit with the standard length studs.