AS0143 Air Cleaner Base 9 Inch Low Profile Flat

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This 9 inch diameter air cleaner base is for use on double pumper and vacuum secondary squarebore carbs where a low profile air cleaner is needed.

The 3mm thick aluminium billet plate has 2 squared of sections to clear the needle and seats on the fuel bowls.

The base can also be fitted in place on some pressed steel air cleaner bases to retain the standard air cleaner housing when fitting a Holley or Quick Fuel carburettor. 

Due to the spacing the position of the needle and seat on carbs without a secondary metering fuel block, a hole will need to be drilled and sealed to clear the secondary side needle & seat.

If you are using the style above the AS0143 wont fit without the additional modification.  Can be used with either chrome or any of the 9 inch cast Aussiespeed air cleaner tops.