AS0011-AS0251-AS0236Ix2 Aussiespeed® 4 Barrel Ford Six 250 2V Performance Manifold Kit

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The Ford 250 2V with its removable intake manifold was produced for the Australian market. Many have found their way to the USA and after market induction has been very limited. There is an after market 4 barrel manifold produced for the inline pre-crossflow 2V 250 engine but it does not fit the cast iron head without major modifications.

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AS0011 Aussiespeed manifold.

2x AS0236I Australian made paper intake gasket.

The Aussiespeed® AS0011 is sold as a fully machined ready to bolt on performance manifold to suit Holley 4 barrel square bore carburettors. The port runner floor on the 35mm has been filled in to keep velocity up. It is not recommended that material be removed unless you are an experienced in cylinder head and manifold runner design.

The AS0011 Aussiespeed® Ford 250 2V intake has the port size reduced on the lower third of the manifold from the port face back by around 10mm. The extra material can be removed with a file or die grinder to your desired size.

The manifold is reasonably low and performs over a wide power band from mild street engines to high out put modified, big cammed and turbo charged engines.

The manifold plenum floor can have an insert fitted and has a series of cast circular rings to catch fuel drop out at low RPM. The manifold has one x 3/8 npt vacuum take off on the rear of the manifold for brake vacuum and auto transmission fitting.

The width from the manifold face to the outside of the carb pad is 20mm

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1x AS0011 Aussiespeed manifold

1 x AS0251 Intake manifold heat shield

2x AS0236I Australian made paper intake gasket.

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