AS0050 V8 Holden Tunnel Ram High Rise Manifold

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Aussiespeed® Holden V8 253, 308 high rise tunnel ram intake manifold. 

The Aussiespeed Holden V8 tunnel ram manifold suits red, black, blue motor cylinder heads some extra drilling will be required to suit the 3 different styles of Holden 253 and 308 red, black, blue motor cylinder heads. The centre valley cover holes are semi drilled on the underside for all 3 models.

THE TUNNEL RAM BASE IS 150mm high from the top to the bottom of the manifold sitting flat on a bench

The AussieSpeed® Holden V8 Tunnel Ram manifold offers interchangeable tops 

1x4 barrel 

2x2 barrels 

2x4 barrels

6/71 GM supercharger top 

You are purchasing the AS0050 base only