AS0097P Holden 6 Retro Alloy Rocker Cover Polished

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Aussiespeed® big tall polished retro style alloy rocker cover to suit Holden six cylinder engines.

The cover is extremely tall and will accept roller rockers, stud girdle and large diameter valve springs.

The cover has Aussiespeed® cast in breather funnels for both oil cap and PCV.

No screws, plates or tacked on after thoughts with this Holden 6 alloy rocker cover.

A small amount of grinding may be required to the thermostat housing.

Aussiespeed® also have matching sideplates

Powder coating polishing and painting the options are endless.

Cast in breather shrouds are a standard feature in most Aussiespeed® alloy rocker covers. Internal height is 105mm

Packages are available that include side plates and bolt kits.