AS0105 Holley 350/500 Carb Spacer Riser 40mm Aluminium

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Carburettor spacer block sand cast aluminium 40mm thick can be drilled, tapped or welded it is has a double venture it is open larger on the top and bottom and is smaller in the centre.

Sand cast in a premium grade of aluminium not brittle diecast. The carb spacer can also be drilled and used as a carburettor adapter. The AS0105 can be used with Aussiespeed® AS0200 phenolic 2 barrel spacers to increase the height by a further 6mm to 46mm or one on either side will give a total of 52mm. 

This is drilled with pilot holes so it can be taped to 5/16 to accept studs or drilled out to fit over 5/16 carb studs.