AS0167 Holden 6 Red Motor 2 Barrel Holley Inlet Manifold

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Aussiespeed® released the 2 barrel AS0167 in 2010 and customers who upgraded have never looked back. The manifold was total different in its design to other inline Holden 6 cylinder manifolds available at the time of its release.

Once customers and tuners found the way of tuning the new style manifold, big gains in acceleration, bottom end and top end power were unleashed and an improvement in fuel consumption was also commonly reported back to us.

The AS0167 works great on mildly modified engines on both petrol and LP gas and has also been used with 2 barrel Holley carburettors on blow through turbo charged and supercharged engines using the SC14 type Toyota supercharger. 

The manifold has one x 1/4 NPT vacuum take off on the rear of the manifold for brake vacuum and auto transmission fitting.

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