AS0170B-AS0523 Slant 6 Chrysler Aussiespeed® Alloy Rocker Cover Wrinkle Black Finish Finned Kit

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Aussiespeed® sand cast slant six Valiant cast aluminium rocker cover.

The slant 6 alloy rocker cover suits both 170 and 225 engines for better oil mist control on both the PCV and oil filler end.

Aussiespeed® valve covers have a cast breather baffle that is part of the rocker cover so there is no plates, no screws or rivets inside the cover to control oil fumes.

The Aussiespeed® slant six valve covers will fit both left and right hand drive cars as we have changed the angle of the cover to clear brake master cylinders.

The Aussiespeed® slant six alloy valve cover has an internal height measurement of around 90mm

Kit includes:
1 x AS0170B Slant 6 Chrysler Alloy Rocker Cover
1 x AS0523 silver finish high tensile socket head bolts, 8x spring and flat washers