AS0265 Hemi Performance Alloy 4 Barrel Performance Manifold

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If you have purchased an earlier model don't panic. The only change has been we have removed the intake plenum divider to allow for both North West and East West carb mounting.

The dual carb pad bolt pattern is all that has changed. It still has the same runner volume, same plenum volume, same great manifold with the additional feature of carb mounting position. 

The manifold has one x 3/8 npt vacuum take off on the rear of the manifold for brake vacuum and auto transmission fitting. Measurement from head face to widest point on the carb pad is 290mm. The AS0298 is 16mm taller than the AS0265

Below is a bit of history on the Aussiespeed® Hemi 6 manifold range and what has changed over the years.

Aussiespeed® six cylinder 245, 265 new cast aluminium Hemi Performance 4 barrel manifold was released in 2009. The new manifold was the result of many types of testing and customer feedback giving you the latest in design and features of any Hemi six 4 barrel manifold available.

The AS0265 replaces the previous AS0019 John Cain Hemi style manifold. The new manifold features a divided plenum to overcome poor distribution of cylinders 1 & 6.

The new plenum design results in better distribution, higher velocity delivering better acceleration and more torque. The new AS0265 has seen results that engines made more power over a wider rev range than previous models. The plenum is divided on the inside this results in a better cylinder fill across all 6 cylinders. Many single, two and four barrel carburettors on straight six cylinder engines suffer from poor distribution. The divider in the carb pad can be removed to gain more in the upper rev range when being used with a carb spacer or Nitrous oxide 4 barrel plate system.

The good news is this manifold will fit in the engine bay of a Chrysler Centura, Charger and Valiant sedans, utes and panel vans. 

The AS0265 is the result of many hours and is the 4th generation of the Hemi 6 cylinder manifold, it doesn't require any plenum inserts and has shown great results on mild street and all out competition engines.