AS0530-2-AS0529-12 Evil Stick Blower Cam & Lifter Valve Train Package No. 2 Holden 6 Cylinder

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This hydraulic cam Evil Stick Turbo Blower cam, designed for engine automatic and manual trans cars.

The cam requires a single valve spring with a dampener that is also available from our Aussiespeed® online speed shop.

This is a good street cam for those looking for a cam that will pull strong and still offer great drive ability. Lift needs to be multiplied by your rocker ratio.

Aussiespeed® premium lifters have an increased radius on the chilled iron lifter face to give extended cam and lifter life.

Don't be fooled by advertised cam specs by cam shaft manufacturers, the ramp and profile of the a cam lobe specifically designed for a forced induction engine can give you the edge.

The estimated RPM range of this camshaft is 2200 to 4800 RPM

Lift @ cam

Intake .295

Exhaust .295

Duration @ 50thou 

Intake 214

Exhaust 224

Lobe Centreline 112 

Kit Includes

1x AS0530-2 Hydraulic Cam

1x AS0529-12 Hydraulic Lifters

Evil stick forced Induction and small engine cams are ground to specific specifications for Aussiespeed® on high quality billets.

Evil Stick blower cams are designed for turbo charged and supercharged engines and small 4 stroke engines. Our range does not currently extend to N/A automotive engines.