AS0040 Chrysler Slant 6 Tubular Headers LHD/RHD

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Aussiespeed® offer some of the best Slant Six 170, 198 & 225 performance & dress up parts available today.

In our extensive research we found that header/extractor exhaust manifolds were limited. Aussiespeed® now offer Australian made cone over collector mandrel bent extractors using a CNC benders for accurate kink free bends every time.

These  1 1/2" pipes fit right hand drive Chryslers, Valiant & Dodge powered cars & trucks from for LHD suit 1967 onwards cars & trucks.

The "NEW" AS0040 slant 6 headers have had a few changes from the previous production run with the back group of pipes running down from the cylinder head for easier fitment with most brands of triple carb manifolds as well as most 2 & 4 barrel performance manifolds. Pipe outlet is 2 1/4 inch diameter OD.

These must be used with the small starter motor previous customers have fitted 273 to 440 mini after market starter motors from V8 Chrysler engines.

May not fit with some air conditioning without modifications to brackets. We would love to find someone with a pre 1967 early A body slant 6 to work with us on making their fit early A slant 6 powered cars.