AS0037R Chevy V6 4.3 Tall Valve Covers for Roller Rockers

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Taller than standard Aussiespeed valve covers will replace both factory 262 Chevy v-6 tin and later model plastic Vortec V6 valve covers.

Note: Must be used with 1986 style wide base rocker cover gaskets not thin Vortec style.

These centre bolt valve covers are taller than both tin and plastic valve covers and have a drip lip cast into the valve cover to deflect oil away from the gasket area.

Raw blasted Pro Street style alloy valve covers to suit Chevrolet 4.3L & 262 pre Vortec 90 degree centre bolt tappet covers.

These fit Vortec v-6 Chevy engines as well as early v6 engines with centre bolt valve covers.

These covers are a must when installing roller rockers as they are taller than a standard plastic or pressed tin factory valve cover.

The cover uses the 1986 to 1992 thick rubber factory or after market rubber gaskets. The covers have reinforced centre bosses, moulded inner & out gasket retaining flanges & shrouded breathers for oil cap & pcv valve. They accept push-in breather caps.

The covers are supplied with both oil cap and PCV grommets. AS0037R valve covers do require longer retaining bolts that can also be purchased from Aussiespeed®

The valve covers are 70mm tall when measured inside. These V6 Chev Aussiespeed® covers are designed to suit both VIN Code W & Vin Code Z & will replace the standard factory plastic Vortec or pressed tin covers.