AS0110 East West Holley Squarebore Carburettor Adapter

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Ever need to mount your Holley squarebore carburettor sideways? A Holley squarebore carburettor is longer than it is wider and most 4 barrel mounting flanges and most manifolds require welding to make the carb pad larger.

The Aussiespeed® AS0110 fits most 4 barrel squarebore carb pads and allows you to mount the carb sideways without any welding.

The Carb adapter can be mounted in either of 2 positions, with the carburettor close to the rocker cover or away from the rocker cover.

Note: If you are not using a carb spacer, nitrous plate or a heat insulator the adapter must be relieved to clear any thing lower than the throttle base plate.

The spacer is supplied with 3 counter sunk pan head bolts and will require 3 studs and on bolt that is the required length of your spacer or nitrous plate.

Due to the shape of some 4 barrel plenums some additional grinding may be required to your manifold or the adapter plate to suit your application.

The AS0110 is only 12mm thick and when used with the AS0201 squarebore heat shield the overall height is 17mm.

If you require the complete bolt on kit with studs and phenolic spacer see Aussiespeed® part number AS0110K