AS0465-4NA Evil Stick Slant 6 Hot Street Cam Lifter Package

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Aussiespeed® hot street strip cam to suit Slant 6 225 engines.

When fitted with one of our Aussiespeed® 4 barrel manifolds, headers and 4 barrel carb the engine will have an operating RPM range of between 2600  to 5800 depending on diff gears and vehicle weight.

This grind is a performance street strip cam and even greater gains can be had with cylinder head work and increased compression may need hi stall if Auto

Intake duration @ 50:  224

Exhaust duration @ 50:  228 

Intake lift  480 Thou

Exhaust lift  480 Thou

108 L/C.

Package includes:

1x camshaft

12 radius solid lifters

Set of 12 Valve springs

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