AS0465-1-KIT3P Evil Stick Slant 6 Performance Cam Lifter Valve Spring Package

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Aussiespeed® Evil Stick Slant 6 Valiant cam.

Part number AS0465-1

RPM range 1600 to 4600 increases mid range power and good idle quality.

This duel pattern cam will suit NA and makes very good torque with the Hurricane long runner 2 barrel manifold.

The cam also works well with up to 6psi of boost when used with our supercharger kits, needs valve spring upgrade, suit manual or auto.

Intake duration @ 50 thou  210

Exhaust duration @ 50 thou 218 

Intake lift  432 thou

Exhaust lift  432 thou 112 L/C

Package includes:

1x camshaft

12 radius solid lifters

Set of 12 Valve springs

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