AS0550-1-AS0529-12 Evil Stick Turbo Street Cam & Lifter Package No. 1 Holden 6 Cylinder

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Building a Holden 6 cylinder engine, Aussiespeed® offer our Evil Stick forced induction camshafts and valve train components to take the guess work or hit and miss of camshaft selection in your forced induction engine.

The Evil Stick No. 1 is a great all round turbo street cam that delivers power across the rev range to around 5000 rpm.

It can be used with a standard stall speed torque converter all though internal strengthening up grades are recommended but is better suited to manual transmissions.

The cam and lifter package includes a new billet camshaft and a set of chilled iron convex ground lifters. Our cam and lifter packages ensure a quality lifter is installed with our Evil Stick cams eliminated camshaft lobe failure.

Estimated rev range of this cam is 1800 to 5000 rpm

Lift @ cam

Intake .305

Exhaust .305

Duration @ 50thou 

Intake 216

Exhaust 216

Lobe Centreline 112 

Kit Includes

AS0550-1 Hydraulic cam

AS0529-12 Hydraulic Lifters

Evil Stick forced induction and small engine cams are ground to specific specifications for Aussiespeed® on high quality billets.

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