AS0429-16 Ford Crossflow Alloy Head & 3.9 4.0 OHC Big Bore Headers

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The new head plate will allow for fitment of both 250 Crossflow plus EA to AU SOHC Ford engines when using crossflow engine mounts.

Will not fit large E series mounts.

The pipes are supplied in 2 piece for easy removal of either the 3 front or 3 rear pipes.

Pipe length vary between 290mm and 350mm in length.


Ford 6 cylinder 200, 250, 4.1 litre Falcon and Cortina engine 1 3/4" primary pipe extractors to suit cast iron and aluminium cylinder head Ford 6 cylinder engine.

These pipes are a shorty design and are a great start if you are doing an engine conversion or retro fitting a supercharged engine into another body style.

Please note they are big pipes and ARE NOT designed for standard engines.

Designed for those with high performance engines or supercharged engines that don't want to speed the dollars involved in custom built extractors.

Aussiespeed® tubular headers are manufactured in Australia from mild steel tube that is mandrel bent on a CNC tube bender then welded in our specially designed welding jigs to get repeatability in every set of pipes we manufacture.

There are no butt welds or cut corners with pipe through flange joints.