AS0193X3 Head Gasket Slant 6 225 Large Bore x 3

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Pack of 3 Slant six large bore head gaskets, the best head gasket on cast iron slant 6 engines.

These gaskets have the correct size firing ring to be used on 170, 198, 225 & large bore 225 over bored engines. The firing ring will suit bore sizes up to 3.66. It has an uncompressed thickness of 60 thou on the sealing surface and 75 thou on the fire ring that will compress when torqued for better sealing.

These are a non re-torque style head gaskets with a double dose of sealer to help seal water galleries and it is not recommended that any additional sealer be used on the head surface.

These Slant 6 head gaskets are more than suitable for standard stock type engines, performance slant 6 engines & turbo charged Slant six engines running moderate boost.