AS0008B Hemi Chrysler 6 Cylinder Alloy Rocker Cover Black

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6 cylinder Chrysler reproduction 7 fin Chrysler charger six pack aluminium valve cover. This cover has the lug at the rear of the cover to hold the cable for triple weber carburettors.

The cover has cast in breather shrouds and is supplied with 2 rubber grommets for breather cap and pcv valve. Aussiespeed® also have silver socket head bolts, spring & flat washer kits, AS0035 chrome breather caps and matching alloy sideplates.

This cover is a sand cast in a satin black wrinkle finish. Sand castings can have some imperfections opposed to die cast products. The valve cover has an internal height of 85mm. Overall height externally is 94mm to the top of the fins

Aussiespeed® also manufacture matching air cleaners and are available in our online speedshop.