AS0502-AS0139 Holden 6 Manifold 2x4 Red Motor 9 Port

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Aussiespeed® dual 4 barrel manifold to suit Holden 9 port red motor cylinder heads.

Aussiespeed® twin 4 barrel manifold uses our supercharger manifold to suit Holden 186 and 202 engines. The manifold is fitted with a manifold support rod that fits to the engine mount.

A single hole to fit a 10mm socket head cap screw will need to be drilled to fit the manifold support.

For a cleaner look the mounting pads for the 192 blower shop supercharger can be machined off.

Feedback from customers who have fitted both Holley and Quick Fuel carburettors have used 390, 450 and 465 CFM carburettors with vacuum secondaries.

Carburettors with single metering blocks can be mounted. Dual mettering block carburettors will need to be mounted sideways.