AS0077B Holden Gemini Finned Alloy Rocker Cover Black

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Holden Gemini textured black powder coated alloy rocker cover with satin finned fins. This Aluminium valve cover fit Holden Isuzu G series engines as fitted to Chevy Luv, Holden Gemini, Holden Rodeo, Holden Jackaroo with G161, G180 or G200 engines.

Unlike the tin rocker cover the thick gasket sealing flange wont warp causing them horrible oil leaks. The sand cast alloy rocker cover can be drilled and tapped to take additional fittings. The tappet cover comes supplied with a fitting kit that includes breather cap grommets, nut extensions, socket head button head bolts and washers. 

The genuine seals for the retaining bolts are not included. The valve cover is drilled to the correct angle to use std Isuzu valve cover seals.