AS0042-AS0139-AS0473 Slant 6 Chrysler 2x4 Manifold

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Aussiespeed® short runner slant 6 Chrysler supercharger manifold to suit slant 6 170 and 225 motors. 

The manifold is supplied less carburettors and air filters which can be purchased separately.

The Plenum can be fitted with inserts to reduce volume.

Injector bosses are also fitted to the manifold and can also be used for nitrous oxide. Additional machining is required as the bosses are blank when the manifold is supplied.

The manifold is supplied with the blower/adaptor surface machined and drilled. The manifold has a provision to be fitted with a support rod that can be purchased from the Aussiespeed® shop.

A base gasket and 4 hold down bolts are included.

Manifold support and mounting hardware is also included.