AS0028/AS0290 Tunnel Ram Supercharger Manifold 2V Ford Cleveland 302, 351

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Aussiespeed® tunnel ram Intake manifold universal supercharger mounting plate.

Aussiespeed® tunnel ram base and supercharger top mounting plate.

This top can be adapted to suit most superchargers designed around a GM 71 series other superchargers can be fitted with additional machining. Supplied without  gaskets but with 4 mounting bolts for aligning the top and base. The top and bottom must be welded as the amount of force from a supercharger requires a very strong mounting point to the tunnel ram base.

The under side of the AS0290 supercharger tunnel ram base plate 

Aussiespeed® AS0290 GM 71 seres tunnel ram plate fitted to a 2V Cleveland Aussiespeed® tunnel ram, over all height from the bottom of the base to the supercharger bolt down surface is 223mm

WILL NOT WORK WITH MSD8580 or MSD8350 distributors as they are to tall and to large in diameter. Can only be used with Bosch or ICE short distributors.