AS0103 Weiand 142, 144, 177 2x4 Carb Supercharger Adaptor

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Weiand supercharger 2x4 carburettor adapter to suit 142, 144, 177 Weiand single 4 barrel carb intakes.

The AS0103 allows 2x4 barrel carburettors to be mounted to the adapter that can be mounted to single 4 intakes.

The underside is drilled on the same angle as the supercharger but reversed so the carburettors sit flat.

The AS0103 has 4 additional threaded stud holes that allow for fitting of 4 mounting bolts that get locked to the supercharger hold down bolts. This helps to distribute the extra weight and load of the additional carburettors.

Note: The adapter will only accept single metering block carburettors mounted 1 behind the other. Dual metering block carburettors will have to be mounted sideways. The adapter comes drilled to accept squarebore carburettors in either position.

Carbs, Air cleaners and Supercharger not included

Measurements of the AS0103 adapter are:
Highest point 75mm length 405mm